Pearl Forum FX725C Drum Kit Reviews 5

i bought my set from i bought it because of many recommendations from friends and fellow drummers. i paid 570 for the set. i also bought it because it included everything even the drumsticks for a fair price.

i like the sond and the feel of toms and bass drum. they look nice also. The cymbal and stands seem durable and are very good. my favorite things are the bass drum pedal and the hi-hat stand. they are very responsive and last long.

i don't like the snare drum. the sound have way too much overtone. it sounds better when u put a piece of clothe onto it but it messes up the look of the drum set. that it the only thing i dislike.

the drums, hardware, and accessories are very strongly built and are very high-quality. it maybe not as good for advanced drummers but begginers and intermediate drummers would like it.

it is an awesome set and i recommend it to all drummers

james nguyen rated this unit 5 on 2002-04-19.

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