Pearl Forum Series Drum Set Reviews 5

Purchase: I bought this set lightly used (3 mo.s). I bought it for $375, but you will probably find it retail for about $500-$600. I found it in the local paper's ad section. I bought it for use in recording solo cds; I needed a drum set for rythm.

Likes: This set is beautiful. It's wine red and has nice shells. The heads are ok but I would suggest buying Remo or Evans heads instead. The set sounds very good overall.

Dislikes: The cymbal(s) are not that bad for a beginner, but I would highly recommend upgrading to Sabians. The set came with 14" hi hats and an 18" crash/ ride. I hate crash/ride cymbals because they don't sound too much like a crash or a ride. Also, on mine, the kick pedal is a piece of trash, but the previous owners might have accidentally broken it.

Overall: It is a good set for any level of drummer. I do like the toms, kick, and snare, but the cymbals are not what I am looking for.

The Bottom Line: Buy it if you're thinking about it and you can afford new cymbals.

Junior rated this unit 5 on 2003-06-30.

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