Pearl Forum Series FX725C Reviews 2

I bought the Forum set as my first drum set. I bought it at a Mars music store for about $550 complete with hardware, cymbals, throne, sticks, and a video. At the time it seemed like a good buy, especially for a beginning set and I was familiar with the Pearl name, so I decided to buy it.

The kit comes with decent hardware, and it was nice to buy everything I needed in one package. All of the drums and components (except the heads) have held up well, and i have not had to repair or replace anything to this day.

The drums heads that came on the set are worthless. They didn't sound good when I initially put them on and they held up for only a couple weeks until they wore out. Eventually I put Evans Genera G2's on the toms and snare and a Remo Powerstroke on the bass drum, which made the set sound a little better. The cymbals were also of poor quality.

Except for the heads and cymbals, this set has been very tough. The black finish on my set has held up and doesn't scratch easily. I try to take some care of my set, although I don't baby it, but it is in almost the same condition as the day I bought it.

The package deal is nice for beginners, but I think it is offered to try to compensate for poor material and sound quality. I were to recommend a drum set to beginners or drummers on a budget, it probably wouldn't be this one.

bradford rated this unit 2 on 2002-10-14.

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