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I acquired the drum kit at the drum place in Walkern for only £399.00. I needed a drum kit to advance my skills on at home and am now using it for gigging and college work where I am studying music.

The kit comes with all you need to get started and is simple and easy to set up for beginners and pros alike. It comes complete with a video explaining how to setup and tune the kit as well as a few basic beats to help get anyone started. when the kit is set up you have an 18" crash/ride cymbal a snare drum, 3 tom-toms and a bass drum complete with a pair of sticks a throne (stool) and all the necercery hardware as well as a set of 14"hi hat cymbals. The drums when tuned give you a warm tone that you wonít find from any other kits even close to this price. And the snare gives you a real crisp like feel. the drum skins are also long lasting and good quality I have only just changed the batter heads on mine as the snare became to worn and would go out of tune in the eat of summer however I had had them two years at least and the bottom skins are still in tack and I still use them. My kit is in black but I know that the finish on the fourm is good quality. The cymbal hardware provided is a hi-hat stand and boom cymbal stands both of which are definitely strong but are not bulky. This has encouraged me to by all pearl hardware as it is not only good quality but is also reasonably priced with the boom stand being only £39.00. I still have my original crash/ride cymbal as I love the sound. You get a great sound for cymbal build ups in orchestral music by using timpani sticks or is also a great sound in rock pop or metal music as it is thin.

There isnít a lot I donít like about the kit all except the hi hat cymbals giving some sort of grinding noise when you hit them closed due to some sort of air trap problem. Apart from that the kit is perfect for recording, gigging and practice for the beginner or professional.

The kit itself is strong. The hardware will support allot of weight for example at one point I had a 30" custom made cymbal on a boom stand without it bowing. as well as being strong the hardware isnít bulky but also isnít super thin so you have that meaty like look with out it looking stupid as with some kits. The quality sound of the drums have allowed me to be able to record them with cheap low quality microphones and still get a great sound without changing anything with the drums.

You just cant go wrong with this kit its amazing for its price even though they now cost £415.00 or something they are leading in there area with no contest. This is a great kit especially for beginners or semi professionals defiantly one for a present of special gift.

Stuart Prior rated this unit 5 on 2003-11-23.

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