Pearl Free Floater Maple Snare Reviews 5

I bought this snare at my local guitar center used for $180. I need a new snare for my drumset, and wanted somewith with a diffrent sound to it.

Theres so much about this snare I love...FIrst althought its maple, the maple shell sits in aa metal shell which give it a perfect blend between wood and metal similiar to a DW EDGE snare. It has a very distinct sound that cuts, while isnt too bright. Also should u decide u like Aluminum or another material better u can simply buy a diffrent shell as the shell is interchangable.

nothing. some of the lugs were kind of hard to turn, but a drop of oil took care of that.

The quality and construction is imaculate. The shell is beughtiful, and overall it just looks expensive. Yet the sound produced by the blend of wood, and metal bottom produces a distinct sound many drummers havnt heard.

If u can...Buy this snare, the diffrent tuning ranges are perfect...going from no resonance, to the perfect amount of resonance, to no resonance again. and the snares are the perfect sixe to produce the right amount of resonance for the snare.

John Hettinger rated this unit 5 on 2004-07-30.

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