Pearl Heracio Hernandez Signature Cowbell(s) Reviews 5

played piano for 11 years, percussion for 6 years and drumkit for 5. i play in a lot of bands, ranging from large scale orchestras, to jazz quartets, to big bands, to small celtic bands, pop/rock bands, funk/groove bands and concert bands. i also do some work in musicals (footloose, urinetown and more). i play jazz, funk, latin (brasilian, afrocuban and more), rock, pop...basically everything.

i bought this at a shop in australia called billy hyde music for 58 dollars australian (about 50 US dollars). i bought it because i felt like having more variety in my drum/percussion setups.

it has a great sound, great pitch can be played in rock situations, jazz situations, but it is primarily suited to the mambo. the mounting system is can be swivelled around 90degrees for great setup versatility.

sometimes if not tightened properelly the mounting system rattles but that can be easily fixed...and to be honest there isnt much to complain about, it looks and sounds great.

the construction is great (as is the quality), all the welding around the edges has being done well, the mounting system is constructed well and the copper finish is great and looks excellent.

definatelly recommended..sounds and looks great and doesnt costs a fortune..significantly less than many LP (latin percussion) cowbells in fact. it sounds just as good as the black mambo cowbell, looks better if anything and is alot cheaper. vary relaible.

Mark Thomas rated this unit 5 on 2008-01-23.

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