Pearl Masters Custom Maple 8pc Reviews 3

I purchased this set at a local mom and pop store in Colorado Springs (Rice Music.) $4000.

I liked the hardware the most. It was strong and easy to use. Bass drum and tom lugs are small but sturdy. The drum finish is very smooth and looks very good. Good tone when tuned with the right heads. I also puchased an aluminum 14x5 Pearl Sensitone snare which I like very much. It is loud and punchy when an o ring is applied and very ringy and funky when played wide open.

The rim mounted tom holders arent as easy to use as I thought they would be. overall they are quite nice, however they are annoying when you need to change heads. A few of the metal and plastic vent hole pieces in the toms have come loose and rattle while I am playing. Toms also seem to de-tune to easily when heads are tuned loose. I selected the purple mist finish which looks good under bright lights, however in low light situations the color can appear to be a mix of browns and black. The drums dont seem to have the fat sound I was looking for nor the attack. Ive heard many Country and Rock recordings of this type of kit, but cant seeem to maintain a good sound for more than a few hours due to the tuning issues discussed earlier.

Shell quality is excellent. The overlaping shell layers is smooth and flawless as is the finish. Perfectly round.

For the money I spent, and am still spending due to a credit card purchase, I am a little disappointed. The maple sound wasnt everything I hoped for nor was the color. Im switching back to Birch ASAP. When your pay four grand for a kit and your on a budget, anything less than perfection is a little hard to live with.

L.L. Darnall rated this unit 3 on 2004-02-09.

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