Pearl Piccolo Snare Reviews 5

I picked this little beast up at real time music in chesterfield, derbyshire. It was origionaly priced at 169, but it was in a sale for 125. It has a brass shell.

i love the sound it gives off. It might only be 13", but it's still louder than the one i had before. The ring taps are to die for.

The only way to improve this drum would be to add a dampner on the inside. At the moment i use a special plastic ring which deadens the after ring, but the ring isn't too bad any way.

The quality is superb. The snare switch changes with much ease. It is beautifully constructed.

A quality snare from pearl, would make an ideal primary snare or an ideal secondary snare. It is beautifully built and sounds wonderful. Well worth it.

Pete McFarlane rated this unit 5 on 2004-07-13.

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