Pearl RT705C Reviews 5

$365 from SameDay Music, plus $30 shipping

Does what it was marketed to be: a compact drumkit for home use and practice. Also goes beyond that, being a usable gig kit for a small quiet venue, if properly equipped with good heads and cymbals. The hardware is way ahead of what you see in other entry level kits, especially from the lesser-known companies.

The cheap cymbals and single straight stand won't win many hearts, but that's the same case with any drumset. Also, it's a pain swapping the plastic and mesh heads; I only wished they placed hoops on both ends so I would only need to turn the toms over for silent play. Anyway, that's nitpicking.

For the price, they're really good, compared to the $300 Pacific drums I was thinking about. There are slightly cheaper full-sized drums out there, but they can't match Pearl's solid construction. Ahh, the benefits of mass production and outsourcing....

Overall, does what it was designed for and more. Great for small group jams

miguel rated this unit 5 on 2005-04-24.

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