Pearl Rhythm Traveler Drum Set Reviews 5 $375 I got this kit because I was going off to college and wanted a kit to play silently and be small so I wouldn't take up my roomates part of the room.

It is amazing. The kit isn't very deep so it sits right up against the wall and only comes out a few feet. Muffle heads feel good and do a real good job of keeping it quiet. Hardware is top notch, no need to replace anything, in fact, all the hardware is a good and most of the time better then what comes with other sets. Full sound isn't bad either, very poppy, very high. Wouldn't suit rock or anything like that live, but great for small jazz combos playing in clubs and whatnot.

Only a few things I didn't like about this. The set comes with no throne, not bad if you already have one, but if you don't, kinda disapointing to sit in a desk chair till you order one. The cymbals are crap, but what do you expect, they are full size 14 hi hats and 16 crash and just fine for practice, they do exactly what you need. They dent if you hit them without the rubber pads though heh. Only comes with one cymbal stand, if you are like me and use to playing with a ride and a crash, you'll need to plunk down 30 + dollars for a stand and then a cymbal to fill it, I recomend getting a small inexpensive 18 or 20 inch ride and putting the crash on your new stand, great for practice but for live, defintely invest in some good A or A custom Zildjians.

Quality is great. Like I said before, heavy duty hardware, none of the thin tubing that is going to crinkle if you tighten it too much. Drums look great too, could use a little rubber ring on the bottom to protect the wood since these toms only have heads on one side. Memory locks are great. I am a college kid, we're lazy. I still broke down the set and set it back up in a total of about 15 to 20 minutes. Also, the heads are a quick change too 15 minutes to go from all silent to all loud. Design allows toms to fit right together to take up less space. Packs up really small too, fits in the passenger seat of my car.

Over all a great piece of work here for the travelling musician, student player or angry old man confined to a small apartment. Great hardware, great design, great looks. Overall, a great drum kit for practice or small live combos.

Exar rated this unit 5 on 2003-05-29.

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