Pearl Sensitone Brass Snare Drum Reviews 5

I bought this snare online from Birmingham drum centre, UK, for a bargin 110. It usually retails for about 200

This is a great sounding, professional snare. It sounds particularly good in a rock or funk setting as it has a nice bright, open tone, and when tuned up tight it has a real crisp, funky sound. It is also very loud. Left un-dampened it has a nice ring to it. I use a Remo Sound Control head which dampens it a little, so I can get the crisp, tight sound. It also looks great on stage!

Er, not much really, looks cool and sounds great. Maybe Die-Cast hoops would just add that extra professional touch.

Solid. All Brass construction so very strong and difficult to damage.

Highly recommended for drummers looking to upgrade to a better snare than the one they got with their kit. Shop around for good deals. Part of the reason i'm so pleased with this snare is the price. This snare is so good Chad Smith uses it!

Will Steadman rated this unit 5 on 2004-02-04.

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