Pearl Session Custom SBX Reviews 5

Pongetti's music in Hamilton, ON $1,650

I wanted a new drumkit for my growing practicing hours, but having a job at McDonalds, I'm not living on a celebrity budget, so I decided to work more overnights serving ungreatful potheads food at all hours of the night so I could finally buy myself a new kit. This kit was my boost up from a Yamaha P.O.S. old kit I had, so a pair of pots and pans would have been music to my ears. This kit has been the one thing thats kept my working for an entire summer, i totally don't regret putting the extra time and effort for these drums.

Everything is superb

The construction as I took it out from the box was immediately noticed. The "optimount" system really keeps the tone ringing from the heads rather than having holes and such drilled into the sound. The rims and everything are mighty sturdy, I could jump on the toms and they wouldnt budge. Speaking of which, the tom mounts are truly something to marvel, they have knobs and tighteners for every angle and every direction possible.

Totally worth the money, i preferred the birch sound, but its your own choice. The birch drums had a unique aspect, when i opened my palm about an inch from the tom as i struck it, a warm vibration caressed my hands. you can tell a quality drum when something that nice happens.

El-Nicko rated this unit 5 on 2004-07-23.

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