Peavey Axcelerator 2T Reviews 5

Last summer i needed a new bass and thought it would be cool to get a black bass with a metalic pick guard. Out of luck i found one at Elderly Instruments, used, in Michigan. I had planned on just getting a Fender Mexican Jazz, but this was much nicer and played way better. I got it used for $450.

very smooth fret board, lots of different options with the tone, active electronics that sound great and a really rich beefy sound in general.

The only thing is it has really low action, but obviously you can get that changed so no big deal.

the quality is great. nice hardware, everything is solid and doesn't come loose. It has two big Peavey soap bar pickups that give off awesome sound. The tuning keys are also really accurate and this bass stays in tune like no bass i've ever seen.

I've been really happy with this bass. It plays and sounds awesome. it's very reliable and i won't NEED another bass for a looong time. Plus it's got super sexy curves and looks. Buy one of these.

four-string-magic rated this unit 5 on 2004-06-05.

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