Peavey G-Bass [ Graphite and Basswood ] Reviews 4

About $480 from Only Guitar Shop [yeah, yet *another* OGS!] and also from Daddy's Junky Music Store at $500. The usual markdown price is about $700 and I wanted to defret mine but not until I had found a back-up to keep fretted. At $500 a Peavey molded case was included. Before I had ever acquired a Steinberger, I still wanted a Graphite neck bass due to our wide climate range and also that I like to leave an ax in my vehicle.

It's a 35" 4-string and with flatwounds it has attack and decay rather upright-ish [but without the hollow wood resonance of course] that I think comes from the long hollow neck and Pau Ferro fret board. This is why I had to hear it without frets ! [see above]. It's also a very quiet active bass [18v] and very easy to play, meaning I can set a low action and it's comfortably balanced on the strap. The neck joint is fairly sleek for a bolt-on, and the neck is rather slim. The climate resistant neck is important to me as well. I remember playing it dripping wet because I brought it in from sub-zero cold and my friend kept telling me to dry it off, which I was doing over and over but moisture just kept condensing for 1/2 hr or more until it finally warmed up. Weather never bothers it.

They were a bit twangy up the G-string until I put BadAss bridges on them. OTOH, a good feature [?] is that the OEM bridges had the same screw-hole pattern as a Fender, so that a BadAss II bridge is a direct fit !

Graphite weave neck, pau ferro board, and basswood body, single soapbar [sweetspot, not Musicman location] with 18v 3 band EQ. With the 4-in-line peghead and 35" scale it won't fit into certain gigbags. Body is average size but thin. Top horn is long so hang balance is very good. String spacing is typical of most other 4-strings. I've never had to fix either of them, and never have to reset the torsion rods for seasonal effects [although it requires the usual for major changes in string types].

These are not outstanding in any single way or special feature, other than the graphite neck, but they sound really good, don't cost an arm and a leg, don't need to be coddled, and are easy to play. The 35" scale can be a reach for some players but the good hang balance makes it easy to fix that by tipping the head up higher.

Golem rated this unit 4 on 2003-03-11.

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