Peavey G-Bass Graphite Neck Reviews 5

I searched different music stores in Georgia, South Carolina and Pennsylvania. I tried different brands and models with many different shapes and weights. I purchased this graphite neck Peavey G-Bass at Swissvale Music Store in Pittsburgh, PA, for $459. Although it did not come with a case, I found this to be the best buy.

I am five feet tall and weigh 92 pounds. This bass is small and easy to play. The fret board allows me to reach most everything I want which was of most importance. The weight is not overbearing so that I keep the feeling of complete control even after hours of playing. Sitting is even enjoyable. I have to say the body design and weight just "fits" a smaller framed person and keeps playing the bass fun instead of frustrating. I've played Modulus and Fender Jazz. This less expensive Peavey doesn't make me work so hard to get the sounds I want.

I just purchased this bass and noticed a twangy sound. I've solved this with a few adjustments and new strings.

Certain pieces of my equipment have to put up with many weather changes. The graphite neck helps me with this. The guitar feels very solid and well-made. I've already had a few accidents and it has held up with absolutely no damage which lets me rest a little easier during transport. I'm not worried about taking it anywhere and don't have to treat it like a museum piece. That means a lot to me. Although I enjoy having instruments just for show, I bought this one to play roughly with and it's doing a great job!

The bottom line is that the Peavey G-Bass was the only bass guitar I found that "fit" my very small stature. It is a sturdy guitar with an easy access fret board which is fun to play. The cost is a relief compared to others. I would suggest any person with a smaller frame to check this one out before committing to any other purchase. I spoke with other bass players who suggested other manufacturers and models. I tried them all and this one still came out to be the best buy for me.

KAShaw rated this unit 5 on 2004-11-23.

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