Peavey Grind Bass NTB6 Reviews 5

I've played music with various instruments for over ten years. The guitar has has been the number one to me but I also play drums and keyboards. I play mostly metal music but I like also lighter styles such as jazz and classical music.

I bought this bass from Musikhaus Thomann for 399. I had been thinking buying a bass for a while and I just felt this was the moment.

I was actually quite surprised of the fact that the bass was so well set up at the manufacturer, so thanks a lot you guys in Vietnam! So I didn't have to do any changes to it. I like the endless sustain and the neck is awesome. I'm very pleased with the looks too, I've never heard about imbuya but it seems to be a very beautiful material.

The pickups could be a bit brighter. Maybe active ones would be better for playing with harmonics but... anyway, it's a fine piece of art!

So it's a six-string bass, neck-through-body construction, 35" scale, two passive humbuckers, two volume knobs, two tone knobs etc... A unique feature in this beauty is the scalloped bottom horn which helps a lot when playing on higher frets. For a low-price six-string I have absolutely no complaints about it...

If you're on a tight budget searching for a six-string bass I suggest you go for it! You won't be dissappointed, trust me:)

Mr. Boltsmack rated this unit 5 on 2007-04-14.

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