Peavey Grind NTB 5-String Reviews 4

I was at my local guitar shop and saw. At first i thout it was a cirrus. Then i picked it up an new it wasn't bucause of the slight differances in apperance and feel. Then next day i came back with $419 (U.S.) and it was mine. I originally was going to cut it up and customize it but after 3 hrs. of constant play decided against it.

I love the scolloped bottom horn and the beutiful finish. If you havent seen it go to and look at it. it has a 24 fret fingerboard and a neck through, string through body. It has wounderful sustain for its price and has a good look weather you play Country, Black Metal, and everything in between. The best part is no heel making higher frets a breeze to play.

The frets are small so beginers might want to go with somthing wilth larger frets. i wish it came with strap locks but i had them installed later. It is also very hard to find new pickups for it. the ones on it are fine but i need somthing with a hier out put so i bought a duncan pickup booster and saved having to drill new holes in the body. It is also a little heavey so just use a 3" strap and you should be fine. When using round wound strings you might get a buzz on some frets, but i use flatwounds so i get zero buzz and didn't have to raise the bridge. The inotation was off slightly on mine so i moved the sattles back slightly. All these minor imperfections are common an all the lower end basses i have played but on this on everything is easly fixed and i think i only spent $126 and most of them were upgrades that i needed to meet my own personal preferances

As i said above this is a neck through bass and is heavey but has a nice ring on all the strings. it is very well built and i would spend every cent on it agian.

A good mid-high quality bass for an exellant price well worth any add ons you decide to give it.

Philip Wind rated this unit 4 on 2004-03-03.

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