Peavey Milestone III 4 string Reviews 4

I got it at Pro Concert in Tupelo. I traded in my old bass amp and a guitar amp in for it an a TNT 115 (great amp). I think it was $250 or someting.

It very easy to play and it has a great clean sound for playing Tool and other heavier stuff, it's also great for just about all music. The neck isn't very wide and allows my stubby fingers to easily play anything I want. Did I mention the sound? It's good.

Well, the tone knob fell off after about a week or so, oh well, no prob. After a lot of (ab)use, the jack became loose and so did the jack plate, I fixed that with a little tape. That's it.

The constructions pretty good and takes well to abuse and it's a very pretty blue. I like it. The jack did become loose after alot of use, but the same thing happened with my Milestone II so, it was kinda expected. But that's my only gripes. It's very well made, just like all the peavey stuff I've played.

It's a good buy as a beginner bass or as a great backup bass or beater. If you can get past the jack becoming ungodly loose it's a great guitar.

The Bassman Cometh rated this unit 4 on 2002-11-01.

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