Peavey Millenium Bass (BXP) Reviews 4

Bought at a ma & pa shop. Traded a bunch of stuff with some cash for it. Paid around $260 canadian. Tiger Eye like finish

This bass sounds freakin' rad! So warm man! Also, I am always pissed off at the super-crap quality of frets on cheaper guitars. I've had this problem with peavey before as well. This guitar however, did NOT have that problem. The frets are beautifully smooth! The bass is reasonably light yet, well, I wouldn't call it "solid", but it is fairly well put together. The pickups are good quality, NO BUZZ (with both on, hum-cancelling eh!)

Cheap ass tuning pegs! Plastic man! Who uses plastic tuning pegs? They have stayed in tune well, I must say, but they feel EXTREMELY flimsy. They are also a very high ratio, which I hate. Electronics are on par with the price. Knobs crackle a bit and input jack is often loose. Top bridge saddle gave some grief. Some little things, but nothing ever stopped me from playing it.

Construction quality is what I would call "medium grade". Finish & assembly are all fair to mediocre. I don't think it would stand much abuse, but as for studio playing, it has never let me down yet.

It was very hard for me to find a good cheap bass. This fit the bill, and was not a let down. I try to take good care of it, and it looks after me. The tone though man, it has awesome tone! For the price, it is great, overall, it's a cheaper unit for a much cheaper price.

ZG rated this unit 4 on 2005-02-04.

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