Peavey Millennium Plus Reviews 5

I bought a Peavey Fire bass w/the 412 bottom and a Peavey RS all Koa bass and became good friends with the young man that sold me the rig and ax. I also do side work intalling ceramic floors..He called me and made me a deal on a brand NEW with, hardshell case, Peavey Millennium plus bass, if I would do a couple of jobs. I did the jobs for $1500 and we had an even deal..

The bass is just great. Slim straight neck(maple fretboard, my favorite) The onboard electroics is awesome. You can get sounds plus with this one. Weight is good. Craftmanship is incredible. Blue stain over Maple with black hardware and a D-tuner.3-way adjustable bridge. I've played on some very pricey basses and I wasn't as impressed with them as I was this bass. Warwick, Alembic,old Fenders,PRS, Spector and a few others. This Peavey is AWESOME!!!

A life time supply of Thomastik-Infield or Dean Markly SR 2000 strings.....that I didn't get...DARN

What can be said has already been written above. Construction and quality is jsut great.....

My next bass will be a Peavey Mill 5 string. I now have 4 basses and this is my main player...

Ron Thomas rated this unit 5 on 2001-12-19.

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