Peavey Millenuium4 USA Reviews 5

Many years as a traveling bassist working from Chicago. Influenced by R&B greats and playing many different genres.

Bought this from a local music outlet as a used piece. The low price seemed a bit suspicious to me but I took it into a playroom and was astouded by the deep rich tones this bass produced. I must have spent 45 minutes just fooling around with it and bought it on the spot.

The pau ferro fingerboard and the slim neck make it play like chocolate pudding. The tones achieved are easy to attain and it sits well.

It's a might heavy and it will go through batteries readily. But I can't really register any complaints about this bass.

The construction is flawless. Just picking it up from the stand conveys a quality piece. The finish, (although red is not my favorite color choice) is beautiful and when I polish it before gigs it really stands out.

I like the look on the faces of the folks watching when I switch to using the Milly4. There is almost a look of eager anticipation and it has never let me down.

Jay Paoletti rated this unit 5 on 2006-06-15.

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