Peavey Millineum BXP 5-String Reviews 5

I was looking for a bass to learn on, i already play guitar but wanted to learn bass as well, i saw it on the internwt while browsing and it stood out with its quilt top paint job. I bought this bass from Musicians Friend for 200 dollars. It was the only place on the web that had it in stock

This is a great bass great tone great quality and great panit job. It features 2 J-Style picks that are both active which makes it worth way more than you pay for.its got a nice sleek body that scrathes and dents dont show up to well on adn the thick neck gives you lots of speed so u can show off on all those thin necked guitar your friends have, the bridge and turners are mid class but they are fine, the head stock is cool and shiny and the neck lets allows u to fly around with the greatest of ease!!! Man i looked at that quilt top paint and i said wow thats nice looking, I recmmond Tiger-Eye which is a mix of orange and black.

Super Duper Jonathan rated this unit 5 on 2003-09-14.

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