Peavey Deuce II 120-Watt Tube Solid State hybrid Reviews 3

I didn't buy it, but my friend did. I just use it all the time. He paid $150.00 for it and bought it from some old music instrument collector.

The solid state preamp section of the amp results in a very percussive and dynamic clean sound, but overdriving the 6L6 power tubes results in some of the most wicked fuzz you've ever heard in your life. Very loud amp. Very wicked tube tremolo built in.

When he got the amp the reverb didn't work, but that didn't really hinder the usage since neither of us actually played with reverb much. Also it didn't come in the original casing when he bought it, but rather a home made wooden head. HA!

The amp is tought enough to take a few tumbles and we packed it around to a lot of shows. Blew a few fuses in it's time, but that was partially due to an impedence issue with the cabinet.

Peavey is renouned for making horrible amps, but the Deuce II in my eyes is the exception. It's a unique amp in that it really only has one sound and if you don't like it or can't use it, then you really can't use this amp. For a clean amp it's very nice, but also very bright. Overdriving the power tubes really brings the amp to life, but if you're not a fan of ranchy fuzz, then you probably wouldn't like the sound of this amp.

Charlie Dango rated this unit 3 on 2003-09-16.

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