Peavey EVH Wolfgang Hardtail Transparent Flame Top Green Reviews 4

Bought this guitar from a friend who collects these guitars and swears these are the best made. I wanted one cause I like how my friends played. I like the unfinished birds eye maple neck. Sounds awsome when played thru my Line 6 spider practice amp.

Feel of the neck, action and sound when played clean. Guitar is very light compared to my others as far as weight.

The only thing I dont like is the way it sounds for playing heavy metal at loud volumes thru both of my setups. The distortion gets muddy and flat at loud volumes. Maybe due to Eddie specs on Pickups. Wont give you that metalica, pantera sound. I use Laney/Line 6/Randall heads and Marshall cabinets and Randall cabinets. I use a 350wt Line 6 stereo head and a 120wt all tube randall head. Both different configs, still not as good as my ESP with EMG 81's for distorted sounds. friend told me to swap out pots or turn back pots a bit.

Contruction is great on the guitar. Well made and feel. Again very light weight when compared to my other rigs. Love the neck feel in my hands.

This is a great guitar if you play van halen stuff or more towards the cleaner distortion type of music. But forget it when it comes to Heavy deep distortion like Pantera,Zakk,Metalica,Preist etc. Pickups dont wake up at those setups. Will get muddy and flat at loud distorted levels. Not a heavy metal guitar, more towards cleaner paul gilbert, Satriani style.

Steel fingers rated this unit 4 on 2003-09-12.

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