Peavey EVH Wolfgang w/ Detuna Reviews 5

I purchased my wolf @ Ted Good Music, I bought it because of who's name is on it and obviously the way it sounded/played/looked...I paid $ 2,300.00 Canadian plus taxes.

# 1 is the way it feels in my hands, I like natural finish necks..I think the attention to fit & finish is second to none. I can travel with it and it needs very little maint. in terms of tuning etc. Also the the shallow fact that Eddie plays the same one...and lastly the sound that comes out of it does it for me...the pick ups are not doing all the work, they are balanced well to my kinda sound.

There is not much I dislike about the guitar, I do think I paid enough for what I got though...Eddie's endorsement does not come without a cost. It does seem a little "bare bones" for a unit over 2K..but then again bells and whistles don't make or break a guitar in my world.

scale length is 25 1/2", 22 frets, bird's eye maple neck w/maple-over basswood body...transparent amber finish, floyd rose tremolo with drop d, 3 position toggle and volume & tone controls. The guitar "oozes" quality, I LOVE the neck, the guitar is well made..plain and simple.

All in all I would highly recommend this guitar, the price is not for everyone but that makes it harder to earn..which I think is a good thing. So thanks peavey for the quality instument !

Dave rated this unit 5 on 2003-01-23.

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