Peavey EXP Limited Series Left Handed Electric Guitar Reviews 5

I bought this instrument at Robbins Music Center in Huntsville, AL sometime in August '03. I think it retails for about 500$, but I got it for 375. I'd had a squier strat for a little over two years, and I decided I wanted a guitar with humbuckers for a thinker sound (although the squer I got can handle singlecoil sounds pretty well).

The best way I know to describe this instrument is it has a fat (yet versatile), gibsonesque, humbucker sound with a fender comfort value (strat players know what I'm talking about). The humbuckers are a God-send. I play most everything from the past 50 years on this guitar(some stuff I play: LED ZEPPELIN, beatles, black sabbath, lynyrd skynyrd, queen, pink floyd, syevie ray vaughn, eric clapton, cream, Muddy waters, the police, etc.) This guitar can handle all of that. The neck is exactly like a strat neck except even smoother, and the body has a strat type shape and is really comfortable. The finish is quilt top with black and a deep midnight blue (blows sunburst finishes out of the water).


This guitar is a testament to korean made instruments. The neck and body are solidly built, the tremelo is great, humbuckers do the job and then some, and I've heard those grover tuners hold their tune for days with no problem.

If you're lefty, get this guitar. The only adjustment I've made since I've had it is to put schaller strap locks on it (although the factory strap pins were bigger than most guitars). Final note: if you really want to be able to play anything, play this guitar with a behringer blue devil GX112. With the sounds you get, the only effects pedal you'll ever need is a good wah pedal. PEAVEY=GOOD STUFF WORTH THE MONEY

C.S. James rated this unit 5 on 2004-03-18.

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