Peavey Fury IV Bass Reviews 5

I got this bass about last April from one of our local guitar shops. I had this not very high quality guitar that just wasn't working for me so I upgraded to this bass. It was about $500 dollars but I knew a lot of the guys there so i got a break on it and bought it for $450. I have to say, that was money very well spent.

I've played all kinds of basses out there and for the money, this has the best tone out there. It's also a very versatile instrument, i can slap on it, use it for jazzy stuff, rock bass, you name it you can do it in flying color in this bass. Not only does it play well but it's also a really cool looking guitar.

I can't firmly say there's anything I dislike about the Fury IV. The only modification i made is i put some Bass-Boomer strings in it and now I wouldn't change a thing.

This is a very, very solid instrument.

This bass is by far the biggest bang for your buck that you can get. If you're the type that is looking for great tone and great playability without spending 2k for it, this is definately what you should go for.

Max C rated this unit 5 on 2004-09-26.

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