Peavey Generation EXP Custon w/ ACM Reviews 3

I bought this guitar from a dealer in jacksonville. For 450$

Great guitar, awesome electric tones. This guitar is equiped with Acoustic Compression Modeling. (Peizo Pickup) awesome acoustic sound. I lead worship for a local church and needed the versatility of the guitar. Couldnt ask for a better sounding electric.

The 1/4 inch jack was not very good. I had it replaced two times by peavey. Then even given another it done the same. I hated it because it was a sweet guitar. Peavey told me that because the of limited space they had to use a different jack.

Construction and quality was great. I had the quilt top orange with white pick guard. Fret board was ebony and the the back was black. Had a Humbucker pick up, and strat style pick up and acoustic compression modeling

With all the features and peizo you cant bet it for the money. As good as the Parker or Cravin with the same features. Maybe you could personally replace the jack with something better.

Adam Henderson rated this unit 3 on 2004-09-25.

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