Peavey Patriot Reviews 5

Purchased used (E-Bay!) for $61 plus shipping.

An excellent strat-style swamp ash body, short (24 3/4") scale and one humbucker, along with a vintage style tremelo. Made in America, and very well made at that.

The single humbucker can be limiting, but you know that going in. Going to block the trem (Don't use them) but it seems rather dodgy.

Excellent maple fretboard, well-cut nut and very good fretwork combine for low action. There's even a neck angle adjustment similar to Fender's...This guitar couldn't be made in America today for less than $400 or so. Pickup sounds good, bright without being too brittle-somewhere around a Seymour Duncan JB, I'm guessing. The short scale really changes the feel, since it looks/holds/sounds like a Strat with the scale of a Les Paul.

These old American made Peaveys are one of the best values around. You'd think that with EVH playing one some people would start to seek them out, but they still go for STOOPID cheap prices all over. More for me! Rating is based on price paid in combination with overall quality and features.

Larry rated this unit 5 on 2003-06-03.

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