Peavey Raptor 1 Reviews 3

I got this guitar on my birthday and my mom got it for me at the local music store. She paid about 225 dollars for it.

This is a great guitar for a beginner. It sounds good and looks good. Also, it can take a beating. its fallin over,had stuff dropped on it and been dropped on a tile floor when my stap came off.

The tuning knobs have gotten loose a few times and it makes an annoyoni rattling sound when i play. Another thing is that is is made out of agathis so it is a bit heavier than most guitars. Also the nut that the strap hooks to has came out a feww times or gotten loose.

It is a well constructed guitar for a beginner as i said. The quality is also fair.

I wouldnt reccomend this guitar to someone thats been playing for a while. It makes a great gift for a beginner because it has a low price, can take a beating and sound pretty good. i would rate it a 3. Enjoy

Ky rated this unit 3 on 2003-01-03.

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