Peavey Wolfgang EXP (Korean) Reviews 4

I paid $600.00 for this guitar through a Peavey distributor after playing a used one in a local music store.I was immediately impressed by the feel of the neck curvature and overall chunkiness.

Pickups I thought would be frail as on most imports I've played but the ones Peavey put on these babies retain their sonic clarity throughout the linear scale of the volume pot.Floyd Rose tremelo is a dive bombers delight and locking nut retains tuning integrity regardless of my bends.

OK, the guitar is a little pricey, but consider what you pay for say a Music Man John Petrucci model! Peavey along with EVH has produced the next wave of artists working with manufacturers to produce a real world musician's guitar.

The quality of the unit is second to none.The maple neck is literally flawless and the neck joint compares to models 4 times the amount I paid for the Wolfgang. I really appreciated the gratuity of the people I purchased the guitar from for including the hardshell case instead of a cardboard box.

In short, Peavey has not always been the "musician's friend" in that they produced low quality stuff early on. Now they have produced a great instrument(after all EVH put his signature behind it). You can't go wrong with this deal.

axeman rated this unit 4 on 2004-03-16.

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