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I needed a highly versatile, fast action, quality guitar with good looks for a resonable price. I bought this piece from a friend who manages a local music store called Mountain Music, SC. He noted that my style of play showed Eddie Van's influence and recommended I give the Wolfgang a test drive. That's all it took.

Incredible tone, perfect neck configuration, d-tuna works well allthough required some adjustments from factory settings. Floyd Rose is sturdy with good set screws and slightly better than average hardware. I use the whammy bar a fair amount and if you stretch the strings properly, it stays in tune better than other similar units I've played. It's mostly a high gain guitar however, I've managed to develope a decent clean sound. Maintanence is resonably easy and does not require a "high tech" guru to keep it in shape.

The toggle switch is reverse from what you have on most other guitars, ( up is bridge, down is neck etc.). It takes some getting used to. Additionally I prefer the switch on the bottom this one is on the top. Setting the intonation on this guitar is a little tricky, absolute attention to detail is required. You'll have to study the book on D-Tuna adjustment, but once you have it it's not that bad.

Overall a really good bargain. The tuning gears are a better quality than my Les Paul and the playability is much, much better. The hardware is made of durable goods and the construction is decent but remember, this is not a $2000.00 or higher guitar. There are better guitars on the market but not for the price of this one.

I ordered mine with some bells and whistles and still got it for under 1600.00. It's become my main ax over the Les Paul and Strat. If you're playing mostly clean or blues, this is probably not the ax for you. But if you're doing a little of those tunes and a lot of Energy Rock this is a lot of bang for the buck. Additionally, you can sound a lot more original with this set up.

Sam rated this unit 5 on 2004-06-09.

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