Peavey Wolfgang Quilt Top EXP Reviews 5

I bought this at the music den in Ledgewood NJ. I paid about $690 when it all came to tax and stuff.

This guitar is slammin'!!! I mean, the finish is awesome and then neck is absolutely amazing. It's thin, but yet it has a certain les paul 60's neck quality with a little roundness to it. The action is better than any guitar I have ever gotten. The sound is amazing. It really can rip. You can tell Eddie gets a lot of his sound from his pick-ups by this guitar.

I don't like the fact that peavey allready stopped making these. It's so stupid because a lot of people want a Wolfgang, but just lack the cash. This model would be an amazing guitar to keep on manufacturing. There are no mechanical dislikes besides that I can't set up the D-tuna cause I'm an idiot.

It is built very strong. The guitar has a solid quality of a les paul, but is not heavey at all. The maple neck is just amazing. If you are a guitar player and you know what you are talking about, you would say that no other wood (for necks) feels or sounds as good as maple.

This guitar is boss. The Floyd is rippin' on this and I recomend that you go on ebay or find someone with backstock because they don't make 'em anymore and they are amazing. Don't beleive what Ed Roman says. Just because it's made overseas, doesn't mean it's a bad guitar. I recomend it tremendously!!!

BLS412 rated this unit 5 on 2004-11-05.

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