Peavey Wolfgang Special USA Reviews 5

Bought this guitar on Ebay. It cost me only $419.00, and was in excellent condition with case and candy.

The guitar is built very well. I love the unfinished, slightly oiled neck. Very fast, and easy to play if you have sweaty hands like me. The frets are nice and big. To me that means better intonation. It has the old style Floyd Rose, you know the ones that only go down. This makes it easier to maintian. Two custom humbucking pickups (I personally never use the neck pickup). With the right effects it is easy to tap into that Eddie Van Halen sound. This guitar definately has its own unique sound. Made to rock n' roll, not the blues.

Wish they could have made the guitar out of alder or ash. For the price of new one, Peavey should be more generous and use a better wood. The sound of the guitar is tremendous if thats the sound you are going for, but probably be on the incredible chart if they used alder or ash as standard wood.

The quality and construction are excellent. The finish (mine is tobacco sunburst) is flawless. Though they could have used a metal volume knob instead of a plastic one. I switched mine out for the metal one. Looks nicer too. The neck is perfect and the hardware is top notch.

Excellent guitar. As you can see I got a deal on mine. This is definately a rock guitar. If you want to play something else you should look for a different guitar. If you play rock and want to sound different from your friends who play Les Pauls, Ibanezes, Fenders, this is the one to get. You will not find a guitar that has this unique sound.

t-man rated this unit 5 on 2003-10-06.

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