Peavey 30BT Classic 30 Amp Reviews 5

I aquired this amp at the local music store, all it took was my old amp and fifty bucks (connections). My old amp was a crate vintage series 60 too big and heavy for me to lug around so I wanted something smaller

The amp looks good and is versatile, It weighs about 50 pounds so it is not hard to bring around with me. It also is loud enough to gig with or just to practice, there is not a whole lot of nonsense frills built into it and for the price 399.99 you can't go wrong.

There is nothing I have discovered so far that i really dislike about this product, except for the fact that the tubes have no covers it kind of scares me that in the shuffle I'll break one. Oh yeah and I haven't tried it yet but I am under the impression that the channels are not footswitchable only the reverb is.

The quality appears good, but only time will tell.

overall a good buy an all around decent amp if you want no-frills (hype) tube sound, than this is the one

Funkey monkey rated this unit 5 on 2001-12-08.

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