Peavey Classic 30 Tweed Combo Reviews 5

I purchased this amp new from a local music store in 1993. It was $499 new. I have seen them at various prices on ebay since then. I bought it for looks as well as price. It looked like a Fender tweed and the price was right. I needed a small combo amp for a church band, and this one fit the bill.

The amp is lightweight, and as I play in churches and have to haul it up stairs, that is a big plus. It has a great,warm,clean channel,good overdrive when needed, and is VERY quiet. It cuts thru the band I play with,a drummer, percussion, tambourine,and bass.Nice top end, with a treble boost and an effects loop.

The cheesy plastic Peavey logo on the grillcloth had to go. Make sure you replace the screws or the cloth will sag. The leather handle cracks from use,but that is minor. I replaced the stock junk speaker with a Weber VST Alnico Blue Dog (16 ohms).It was like buying a new amp ! It really was worth the extra $. The mating of this amp with that speaker was magic.

Excellent overall, if it ever fails, I will buy a new one without question(and keep my Weber speaker). It has been very reliable and trustworthy.Very solidly built.Looks good if kept clean, and if you keep a good cover on it.

Superb amp for the money, you won't be disappointed.With some care,and a few mods, this is a killer little beast. Feed it good tubes regularly and it will serve you well !

David rated this unit 5 on 2002-10-29.

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