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Bought the Amp from a local music store in Northern CA. I traded in my Fender Twin (Red knob) due to it's bulkiness and non-usefullness. I paid 370 for the Peavey 30 Claissic and luckily the store had one of the tweed units still in stock. I got my Twin for real cheap about 5 years ago and actually made $150 on the trade-in price. The Red knob Twin has been a good amp for me but, it is not a good match for the venues that I play (mainly my music room and jamming at friends house!)

Very nice sounding amp. It is a very user friendly approached amplifier and it plays like a dream. I also play harmonica and this amp is excellent for that. It is not a heavy or bulky amp and the tone/volume does not compromise anything that I have asked it to do!

The tubes on the back are quite exposed but, there is a product called TubeGuard that is available that should solve this problem. One complaint that I have with the amp is that it does not come with the footswitch. You do not find that out until you get home which inn my opinion is misleading and unprofessional.

The Classic 30 is constructed like a tank (with the exception of the exposed tubes mentioned above). It is a very vintage looking amplifier. The quality is very good. I am very picky and I cannot find any imperfections on the amplifier. It looks, sounds and operates perfectly.

I play a wide variety of music and this amp handles it all. I run a Dunlop Wah (535Q), Fulldrive 2 overdive pedal, Boss distortion pedal and a cool cat chorus. The tone is amazing and I am surprised that I do not miss the fender at all

Emo rated this unit 5 on 2003-01-02.

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