Peavey Rage 15W Reviews 4

I had sort of (permanently) borrowed this amp from one of my band members, who now plays bass, so i paid zip for it. But if i were to pay for it, I would pay at most $65 or so. I had to borrow it because I needed a new room practice amp, and besides he wasn't using it anymore.

For a 15 watter, this amp has balls. IT is VERY loud for 15 watts. It has a gain knob (pre and post), which isn't common to be on a 15W (which is a plus). Headphone jack and CD jack are included. It can also be used to plug in a mic w/out trouble. All around great amp at a low costing simple amp. Also you might want to use a distortion pedal or something because the distortion channel sucks and is too muddy and fuzzy. Not good for lead unless you use a pedal.

Bass is EXTREMELY STRONG, too strong for that matter. The thing is that basically it is weak distortion wise without the bass up, but then the bass will break windows and literally snap your spine. It gives unecessary feedback, so adjust your guitars. More good than bad though.

No problems at all. It's about 2 years old and works like new. Heavier than it looks, but suck it up its not too heavey. Gives feedback though.

All around great amp, except for the feedback on the bass. If you want blues type music or metal, this is the amp. It's strictly practice- if you try to excede the volume it will probably break because of the bass and the feedback. You should figure out the settings on the amp and your guitar first. But it is louder than 15W definetlely and is worth the money. Distortion channel is little too fuzzy (I use a DOD Grunge pedal and it sounds sweet)

Adam Robertson rated this unit 4 on 2004-03-31.

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