Peavey Rage 15W Guitar Amplifier Reviews 4

I bought this amp at Wollongong's World of Music, as a small amp through which to pump my ol' axe, for recording purposes. I paid $AU175, at a discount from the regular $AU250.

The versatility of this amp is what strikes me the most. It's gain and EQ allows for anything from very heavy metal, to stoner rock, to contemporary rock, to jazz, blues... so on, so forth. Even the odd country-guitar mood can get a good translation through it. Also, it's LOUD. Very very loud. In actual fact, too loud for the purpose for which I bought it, but... oh well. That's the way it goes.

The bass-response is perhaps a bit high, which means that sometimes you may have to fiddle with your guitar settings to get what you want. I mean, this is good in a lot of situations, but sometimes, you just get sick of having your spine vibrate. Also, the "Vintage/Modern" and "Lead/Clean" switches (just a little plastic stick in a rut between two poles) aren't exactly solid stuff.

Just a regular amp really. Metal cased in that plastic, textured stuff. The knobs are all plastic, with a thin sheet of metal over the top. The back of the amp is open, and the cords are all very secure and well-attached and insulated (which is good if you shirk at the sound of dying). Weighs in at about twelve kilos.

I like this amp a lot. Especially if you're into the heavier stuff. It will take a while to get used to playing around with the EQ and gain, to get your sound, but it is good in the end. A very clean, smooth sound, never really disgustingly rough, which is unfortunately sometimes what you need, though. In any case, it is a quality unit. Buy a distortion pedal, a very rough, brutal one, and you can get ever sound imaginable with this little setup.

Joshua McGrath rated this unit 4 on 2002-02-27.

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