Peavey Renown 112 Reviews 5

I bought this amplifier in a guitar shop in Doncaster, England. I was getting fed up of my old Laney amp which wasn't really cutting the mustard. I can't remember for sure, but I think it was around 250 second-hand.

I love this amp! I use it along with a T.C Electronics M-One, and eveyone who hears it, falls in love with it. I did use it before without the T.C and it sounded great then too, coz it has its own inbuilt dig. rev/del, which sounds great! The clean tone is very clean, and the distortion (crunch and lead) is very sweet and copes well turned up. I can play crunchy chords and whail the solos and it does it all brilliantly, mmmmm!

The digital effects is in the form of about 12 presets, from short delays to looooong reverbs and mixtures of the two, so its not very versatile in that sense. The clean sound is good, but you dont really get that 'valve-clean' tone, but having said that its by far the best non-tube amp I (and many others) have heard!

I've had very few problems with this unit, although recently I think the effects loop is starting to go, I have to use a lead to connect the send and return when not using the effects loop to get sound...... Apart from that its fine! :)

All in all, its a great amp for someone who doesnt have enough money for a good valve amp, OR someone who doesnt want a valve amp! I love the tone and am very happy that it was cheap too! BUY ONE!

Chris Auld rated this unit 5 on 2002-04-25.

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