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I bought the amp at a local guitar shop in my area. They just happen to carry Peavey equipment. I bought the amp off display with no discount. It was the last one, I have no patience to wait for another one to come in. At the time I was taking lessons at this place. I found my self always going over looking at all the amps for sale. I new that spending a whole lot of money amp was not the answer to sound like Eddie VanHalen. I also new that playing out of the amp I got in a guitar kit was getting old. So I traded in my old amp to help lower the price. The amp was selling for 320.00. An this was about 3moths ago. I did do a little research before i bought the amp but I was just comparing it to the better priced Peavey amps.

I was impressed with the 65 watts into 8 ohms 12" super-duty Blue Marvel speaker. It has a effects send and return. The best is the Modern to vintage voicing switch on clean channel(Hendrix sound) It has reverb and high and low gain inputs. To add a two footswitchable channel. Last to add it comes with a 3 band ez on each channel.

The only down fall for me was that all the other Peavey amps come with the footswitch. This model does not. Its an additional 60.00 to get.

The amp is 18" high and 10 " wide, weight is about 30 some pounds. The case is black with all corners protected with plastic covers. It is very easy to move around. When i take with me to a friends it fits on the front seat of a s-10 truck.

If your a beginner or long term dreamer of being a rock star, like me. I would recommend this amp to anyone. The price is more than resonable. It can give you damn near any sound you want. Going from vintage up to todays alternative rock. This can really live up to making some kick ass noise. If you want to spend a 100.00 more and get the comparable brother amp bandit112 with all the same options but this includes the damn footswitch and a better speaker. Then start having some fun.

vanhalen wannabe rated this unit 5 on 2001-12-06.

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