Peavey Transtube Bandit 2 Reviews 5

I bought this amp at St-John's Music in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. I paid around 700$CDN brand new (they had got it in that morning) It's a great amp, I love it.

I like the tone, the clean channel has crytal clear output even when I'm strumming hard. The other channel has awesome distortion and overdrive. I love the fact that I can change between overdrive and distortion just by the flick of a switch(high gain, modern and vintage). I also love its versatility. I play shows where I have to play every style of music, and I can do so without making drastic changes on my EQ, all because of those switches. This amp rocks.

The distortion sometimes sounds a little too fizzy through a mic, but that can easily be tweaked on the EQ. That's all though.

The unit is very sturdy. It handles hot pickups very well. The Sheffield speaker is awesome. I sit on it alot when we are rehearsing so it's got a good construction.

Great amp, good price at most retailers, I recommend this to any musician. It's great to play anywhere, but if the venue is huge, i recommend getting the Peavey 112SX External Cabinet that goes with this amp. I use this amp over those huge Mesa/Boogie Triple Rectifiers any day.

Darren rated this unit 5 on 2003-06-18.

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