Peavey Transtube Supreme 100 Watt Guitar Head Reviews 5

I bought it off musiciansfriend during their X-mas price cuts. I bought it for about $300 brand new, but it sells for about $600, I was mad lucky! I was looking for a really powerful head with a versatile lead channel and a nice full clean channel, and I found it, the Peavey Transube Supreme Guitar Head. I tried out a bunch of Marshall stacks and heads, but the distortions on them were terrible, I also tried an older Fender tube amp, pretty bad. Once I tried out the Peavey head, I bought it.

The distortion on this head is great, you can set it exactly to what you want! I don't need to use my dist. fx pedals anymore, the lead channel on it is great! It has the clean channel and lead channel. There are a few buttons on it also. The "channel" button turns the lead channel on and gives you a nice overdrive, the "gain" button gives you a heavier distortion, and the "thrash" button adds more distortion and middle. With all of them on "on", you get an insane heavey distortion that is awesome for lead guitarist, solos! There is a "bright" button, brightens you sound up by adding alittle bit of high. One of the best things about this head is that it has a tube dynamics knob, goes from 0% to 100%, great feature! There is also a presence knob, which adds some great mid and some low when turned up. There is an fx loop on it with 2 inputs, send and return, and there is a fx volume button, to add more volume or lower it. It comes with a footswitch that turns the distortion on or off, and turns the fx loop on or off. IT has a preamp out in the back to connect to a recording device. It has the 2 outputs, left and right, to connect to the cab's. There is some other stuff, but that is the best about it.

Nothin to hate about this amp, I compared it to some Marshalls and Fender heads, the Peavey head won! The only thing I would want would be more power, but it is fine at 100 watts. I run it through a huge behringer ultrastack (two 400 watt cabinets), it is extrememly loud, and sounds great! If it were stolen, I would probably get another one, or I would go for the new Joe Satriani head.

This thing is built great, Peavey doesn't make crap! I use this head for every show I play! It sounds awesome! The tube dynamics knob is awesome, it emulates a tube amp, form 0% all the way up to 100%, it is also a power knob.

The Peavey Transtube Supreme 100 Watt Guitar Head is the best head. I compared it to Marshall and Fender heads, and it totally destroyed them all!

Steve rated this unit 5 on 2004-03-28.

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