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This is a small [18' x 17' footprint] desktop type powered mixer. I run sound for a small church and purchased this to have for situations where the church needs a PA in other settings.

I purchased this unit from Lanham Music in Saint Joseph, Missouri, about 18 months ago to replace an aging Peavey Escort 2000. While still functional, the Escort lacked sufficient power and inputs for larger settings. I paid $799 for the unit new, although I understand the street price has increased since then.

[1] Dual Class D power amps that are rated at 320 w/channel @ 8 ohms or 600w/channel @ 4 ohms. [2] Power amps are switchable between: dual (L/R) mains, dual mono (bridged) mains, main (L) + monitor (R) and dual monitors. [3] 12 mono mic/line channels. [4] 4-band EQ per channel [5] Dual 7-band EQ in master section [6] Built in FX [chorus, delay, reverb, flanger]. Although I don't use them, the unit comes with detachable 'wings' for rack mounting.

While not a negative feature, I think given the availability and superiority of outboard FX, Peavey should just eliminate the built-in FX.

The construction is solid. It has an aluminum chassis/shell which should hold up to just about anything. the weakest parts would be the plastic knobs but these are more substantial than what I've seen in similar units made by Mackie, Behringer, and Yamaha.

The bottom line is that this works as designed. It produces great sound, even under acoustically challenging conditions. A month ago I used this at a camping lodge which had wood paneled walls and a concrete floor. Think hard, sonically reflective materials on all sides. This unit performed to perfection, isolating feedback frequencies and eliminating them before they became a problem.

12stringer rated this unit 5 on 2011-11-07.

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