Peavey Passport 2000 Reviews 5

I was looking for a small system to sing in churches and clubs. Something with enough power and quality to do a professional job. After being dissapointed with several small kareoke units I just happened on a small music store in a local mall in charleston wv. I knew this was for me from the first. With an extra mic, and stand and a small tape recorder the total cost was around $720.

I love this thing, it surpassed all my dreams of sound quality, sound volume, and convenence. Every time I've set it up everyone has been impressed with it.

There isn't any thing about the PEAVEY passport that don't like.

It is a very sturdy setup, The quality is top notch.

I would recomend the Passport 2000 to any one who wants good sound in a small package.

paul(aka) hudaddy rated this unit 5 on 2004-07-17.

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