Percussion Plus Standard Drum Kit Reviews 3

percussion plus drum kit: cost about 350 with all the hardward and cymbals included Purchased it a local music go round store

I like the sound of the kit in general, it has a good tone. I like the tom mounts it comes with , they are pretty sturdy and can take a pretty good beating. I also like the fact that it came with all the hardware. It helps you not have to search around for deals on stands and stuff

I really hated how that the heads on the drums sucked ass. After about two days of drumming there was huge dents in them that were caving in. I had to go out and buy new ones. I put on some REMO ebony pinstripes and they sound pretty good with those on there,but it cost me about 60 bucks to get them. Also, the cymbals they came with sound like I am smashing two tin pop cans together, they are really terrible, after only a few hits there was massive dents in them. There is another thing I have had to bust out money for.

The actual construction of the drums is quite good, they are made the same way as most drum kits on the market. They sound pretty good, there not the best but good enough espescially for a starter kit. the stnads are good and the all of the mounting materials are sturdy and of good quality.

All in all its a good kit to get started with, it'll get you pumping out some rhythems and you'll have a good time with it. Just dont expect to see John Bonham playing one of these.(espescially because he is dead, unfortunatley)It's a great kit to learn with, maybe you want to get into a band, this kit will do just great with a little tlc and some dough put into it.

Kevin macirish rated this unit 3 on 2003-01-11.

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