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Custom made for me and no one else. Price $850.00 loaded with custom case. It took him 5 weeks to make which was one week later than expected. Texas to NYC shipping went smooth.

He put in everything I requested. The book matched mesquite top is 5A. I didn't quite believe his resonance theory on poplar. He was however correct. The lightweight fully chambered body resonates very much like an mid sized acoustic guitar. The neck is fat and almost perfectly round. Thin necks are for sissies.

The finish is not pure glass in some places, but then again it is hand made with a waterbased laquer. I forgive him. I can buff out any scratches that occur on or off stage. Hardware: 3-Fender Fat 50's PUs, Schaller mini locking tuners, Wilkinson tremolo w/adj. arm, self-lubr. nut, tone-tone-volume, metal knobs, straplocks, top mount hipshot bridge, and a partridge on a pair tree. Why? Simply because I have had a set-up like this.

Set-in neck fl. maple,cherry,chestnut. Body is made of poplar back and mesquite top as is the headstock (extremely figured). The body is completely hollowed out with no f-holes (I don't subscribe to f-holes and a-holes).

I usually do not pay for custom jobs, but the design was too intriguing to pass up. I have over 100 custom Icemen(plural of Iceman)in my collection. This hybrid tops them all, because it has inspired me a new. I really didn't think there was a more beautiful design. I was proven wrong. I will inevitably order at least three more variations. Rock on!

Lupa Antleys rated this unit 5 on 2004-04-01.

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