Pignose Hog 30 Bass Keyboard Amp Reviews 5

I bought mine from musicians friend for 150 dollars new.

It is light and portable. i bought it solely for the battery option, so i can play my electric bass with my friends' acoustic guitars when theres no power around. its good for practice or playing with acoustics. it has a better sound than i expected. actually sounds good. battery power is great.

not very loud, they call it a 30 watt... but the manual says it runs at an average of 20 watts and 30 is just the extreme maximum. has a "funk bass" switch thats pretty useless.

relatively lightweight. 8" speaker. brown "pigskin" looking covering, looks pretty good. its light, so i'd be afraid to knock it around too much. looks well made to me though.

good buy for the price if you want a nice little practice amp or a portable amp. sounds good and works well.

drc rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-27.

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