Pork Pie 7 X13 Amber Acrylic Snare Drum Reviews 5

Been playing drums over 40 years. Currently playing in an extremely busy regional band covering the Gulf Coast from Houston to New Orleans. We play a style of Louisiana Funk called Swamp Pop. I'm playing Pacific Drums (by DW) and I collect snare drums. I currently own 9 snares of different sizes and brands.

Purchased the Pork Pie Amber Acrylic Snare from the Guitar Center in Beaumont, Tx. Picked it up at the sale price of $150.00 Before the purchase I played it a little in the store and was impressed.

The 7 X 13 Pork Pie Amber Acrylic has a tremendous crack when played at any dynamic level. Subsequently, it's easy to relax when playing this drum. I'm using an Evans EC1 reverse dot batter head which I've tuned fairly tight. The drum is very sensitive and easy to hear, even at low dynamic levels. Conversely, when I need that real driving huge backbeat, the drum screams and never chokes.

I like everything about this drum and I reach for it in almost every playing situation, be it a concert hall or a small club.

The unit is constructed from a 7 X 13 acrylic shell with a reinforced seem. It comes with triple-flanged hoops and brass snare wires. The snare throw-off unit works quietly, smoothly and efficiently. This unit responds well to any tuning preferrence.

I own 9 different snare drums including a Spaun Vented Acrylic. The Pork Pie 7 X 13 Acrlyic out performs all the others. I am using the drum as my primary snare. I usually bring 2 or three snare drums to each venue so that I can get the best snare sound for the room and 99 % of the time, I reach for the Pork Pie.

Al Allemond rated this unit 5 on 2007-06-05.

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