Powerbeat WM170 Reviews 4

Approx. $80 (US) Made in taiwan. Decent sounding guitar, good for begginers. I doubt any of you martin owners will give up your guitars for it though. Only guitar I've ever played, its sounds/plays pretty good. low action, decent tuning machines.

Its got a nice sound. It is, however, the only guitar i have. Keeps in tune and sounds better than my friends italian made guitar.

The finnish is not very good or durable. Yeah, i think thats about it. No wait... ITS NOT A MARTIN!!!

Do You Need A Beater Guitar? Well then! By a Powerbeat Now!!! (coming to far eatern countrys near you) (people chanting powerbeat in background) *ting* * * * * * * * Nice... not for you Taylor/Martin owners though.

Nice guitar... bought it on my visit to Thailand.

Bob "not the real" Dylan rated this unit 4 on 2001-12-12.

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